Technical formalin
GOST 1625-89

Technical formalin is used as a raw material for the production of plastics, paints, synthetic resins and glues, tanning substances, insulating materials, disinfectants and medicines, textile auxiliary substances; as a dresser in agriculture, as well as for numerous organic syntheses. 



Production by means of contact transformation of methanol to formaldehyde along with subsequent formaldehyde absorption by water.

Basic physical and chemical features:


Colorless transparent liquid. Turbidity or white sediment soluble at temperature not higher than 40oС may be formed

Mass share of formaldehyde, %

37,0 + 0,5

Mass share of methanol, %

from 4,0 to 8,0

Mass share of acids recalculated to formic acid, %

from 0,02 to 0,004

Mass share of residue after incineration, %

not exceeding 0,008

Mass share of iron, %

from 0,0001 to 0,0005


Formalin is supplied in rail cars and road tankers with aluminum and stainless steel boilers.