Phenolic film for laminating plywood

wrap-fenolPhenolic film for laminating plywood.

Phenol film is a special paper (semi) in which Kraft paper is saturated with phenol-formaldehyde resin.

The solution impregnation also contains antiadgezivnye substances, pigments or coloring matter. Self-adhesive paper is used to cover wooden slabs, usually plywood slabs.

The coating is preferably in a hot press, on a separate coating line.

Used by:

•    Concrete Fill Forms
•    Work sites and levels
•    Vehicles: containers, trailers, lorries (floors or interior walls)
•    Warehouse shelves, agricultural construction
•    Building

Upon agreement with the consumer may be supplied with a density of 120 to 300 g/m2, different colours, and the perhaps customer's logotype. It is usually supplied in rolls with a width of 1000 to 3000 mm, or in a sheet of a length from 600 to 5600 mm.