Softwood lumber


By customer’s specifications we fabricate blocked lumber of various sections and lengths, of coniferous species and hardwoods. The annual output volume is equal to 40 thousand square meters. 

Particleboard and fiberboard


Particle boards by means of wet fabrication are produced with the aid of equipment made in the Republic of Poland. 
They are used in construction, carriage building, furniture manufacturing, containers, joinery and other structures protected from damping.

Planed timber


Mouldings, as well as planed mouldings, is always necessary in any form of construction and repair. We offer our customers a board to cover the floors, coniferous, baseboard, trim, handrail.



Made of best wood grades with the use of modern technology and equipment. Both facing and all internal plywood layers consist of wholesome veneer layers generated from first-class, strong, fine-grade wood. 

Plywood lined


Plywood lined sheet material is fused six or more thin sheets of peeled veneer (thickness 2 mm, 1.5 mm) when mutually perpendicular to the grain in adjacent layers. Plywood thickness from 9 mm to 30 mm.

MDF / CCF slabs


Our company offers MDF/HDF slabs. The products are made with the use of equipment of the following companies: “IMALSrl” (Italy), “Wemhoner” (Germany), “Andritz” (Austria) and they conform to the requirements of ТY BY300187428.005-2013 “Particle boards of dry production method”